Adult Book

Challenged Self:

Simpee – Wins Utilising the power within

The title above may or may not be the final title. Work in progress, estimated launch month, 2nd week of June 2019!

Challenges Self: Simpee – Wins Utilising the power within

She Challenged Self: Simpee’s Inner Battle to Win

Challenged Self: Simpee’s Inner Battle to Win is a gripping drama on the struggle for social, mental & physical healing/wellbeing and positive body image inundating individuals battling chronic skin conditions, disfigurement and body image issues. Often times these individuals lack social, mental & physical healing/wellbeing, but always focus on clinical healing which does not happen always and when it does sometimes take longer. This drama is about Challenging yourself to conquer all mental, social and physical challenges while Living and looking forward to clinical help if need be. How do we cope in a world,  where our conditions are constantly neglected, underestimated, disregarded as merely cosmetic, beauty & not-life threatening while they are deeply psycho-socially and socioeconomically challenged?

Journeying through it all, I’ve learned that before you conquer the external world, you have to master the inner world of your mind!

Adult self-help book (play) series with about 30% illustrations


Work in Progress…