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** Prioritizing Skin Bleaching as a Public Health Concern – World Policy


**Embracing the Skin we are in, Getting Comfortable in our Skin | Journal of Pigmentary Disorders Publication Date Sept 8, 2014.



Publication date Jun 18, 2013  publication descriptionWorld Health Academy

Publication description – Why a new e-book on Vitiligo? Vitiligo is still a stigmatizing and enigmatic spectrum of disorders in which too much contradictory data and too many hypotheses are still confusing the scientific community and patients who are seeking for the cure or at least a satisfactory treatment.

In this e-book the Editors try with the help of the most prestigious experts in the world to answer the available truth on three main questions: *Vitiligo, what are you? **How do we treat vitiligo?

I wrote Chapter 42.  Vitiligo in Africa: problems and perspectives – 

Children’s Book

The Title Difference is Beautiful

Adult Book

The title She Challenged Self: Simpee’s Inner Battle to Win’

…this title may change….smiles…