Skin Whitening Aware

Skin Whitening/lightening/bleaching is indeed your Right, your Personal decision & your Business. You really need be safe, get informed!!!

What is Skin Whitening? Skin whitening is the practice of using substances, mixtures, or physical treatments to lighten skin color. Skin whitening treatments work by reducing the content of melanin of the skin.  Wikipedia

What is Skin bleaching? Skin bleaching is a depigmentation treatment to remove dark spots caused by aging, blemishes, disease, hormone changes and the sun. It is not intended to lighten your overall appearance for the sake of beauty.

If you are here reading, you understand what this about, I am not out for the usual criticism, rants and excuses on this delicate issue. My concern is to educate as much Nigerians and Sub-Saharan Africans as I can about adverse effects of harmful ingredients in common, affordable and seemingly effective Skin whitening products that floods our markets today. Its not news that my country, Nigeria won the world’s highest percentage of people who bleach/whiten their skin followed by other Sub-Saharan African countries according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). I am advocating Skin whitening as public health.

Brown pigment in our skin is produced by special cells that make melanin.  Most of the skin lighteners block the formation of this pigment. So, they really don’t “bleach” the skin, they just stop the pigment from being produced and it eventually wears off. – Arthur Perry, MD, FACS

Be Skin whitening/bleaching aware! Be informed!

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