A patient leader, Social Changemaker,  Cognitive Technology enthusiast, Digital Storyteller, Producer, Body Confident Crusader, Social Entrepreneur and Potential grantmaker…, primarily and passionately concerned about Africa.

I am deeply committed and passionate about:

  • Inspiring to Master Inner World of Mind to Conquer External World.
  • Sustainable models that are patient-centred which moves from the focus ‘skincare’, ‘cosmetic’ and ‘beauty’ to a broader focus on “PsychoSocial Wellbeing”.
  • Creating large-scale positive behavioural change. 
  • Overcoming bullying and improving the lives of children with disfigurement.

My work so far has encompassed creating awareness, enlightenment, education, advocating Patient empowerment, building Body confidence, supporting, empowering and strengthening primarily individuals living with Skin health and Disfigurement, an area of health neglected and underestimated. These conditions are often regarded as simply cosmetics alongside Skin conditions. I am the founder of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation VITSAF,   an organisation incorporated in Nigeria creating awareness and supporting individuals living with Vitiligo and helping ameliorate the agony people suffer as a result of turning from black to white. I developed World Vitiligo Day marked and recognised every 25th of June. a date where millions of people across the world come together to increase awareness of vitiligo, fight prejudice and raise funds for research, support and education. I founded and is spearheading Vitiligo in Africa Alliance a movement in Sub-Saharan Africa, Vision: An Africa that is Vitiligo aware and emphatic with active patient support and care. I am the founder of Outer Shell Africa Communications, skin and appearance social lab concerned about the Physical, Mental, and Social Well-being of Sub-Saharan Africans living with non-communicable chronic Skin conditions, Disfigurement and Body Image Issues. I was selected an Ashoka Fellow in 2012, Architects of the Future Award 2013 for my work on Vitiligo.

I am a founding Board of Directors of the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organisation IADPO, also known as Globalskin – is a unique global alliance, committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide. Globalskin’s work is founded on three pillars: Research, Advocacy and Support. Also a Board of Trustee member United States Exchanges Alumni Association USGEAA Lagos.

Ogo Maduewesi is an optimist, a believer of positivity and active thinking. Throughout my years of living with Vitiligo, so often have I seen the damage that low self-esteem, negativity, insecurity and anxiety can do to people. That is where I come in, of course. I inspire encourage and build body confidence and Positive Body Image of individuals living with Disfigurement and Body image issues to live happily and confidently (with a special soft spot for women and girls). Uninfluenced by negative thinking, societal demand, societal expectations, fear of the unknown and instead shifting the focus to psycho-social wellness and being grateful for what we have.

I hold certificates in Entrepreneurship Management (2008) from Enterprise Development Center of Pan Atlantic University, Lagos where I studied as a Goldman Sachs Scholar, also Certificate in Social Sector Management (Transformational Leadership Program) (2011) from the same Institution above where I studied as Africa America Institute AAI Scholar. I received a Certificate in Advocacy and Citizen Engagement (2013) from Coady International Institute of St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish Canada on a partial scholarship, also received a Certificate in Using Media for Development (2014) at Radio Netherlands Training Center RNTC as Nether Fellowship Program NFP Scholar. I studied for a Post Graduate Diploma PGD in financial management at University of Ado-Ekiti now Ekiti State University 2002,  I received my undergraduate Higher National Diploma HND in Business Administration and management from Rivers State Polytechnic, Rivers State Nigeria in 2000.

I am passionately interested in Psychosocial Research, Cognitive Technology, Creative Media Technology, Social Enterprise and Impact Investment. I love creating cultural clothing and accessories,  public speaking/anchoring events, walking and hiking in nature.

I am always on the lookout for active opportunities to further impact, learn, share, educate and teach the cause that I stand for. If you take an interest in what I do and wish to contact me, please go through any of this medium: email: nenny1406@gmail.com,  Twitter: @ogomaduewesi , Instagram: @OgoMaduewesi , Facebook @OgoMaduewesi

My life goal is to become a grantmaker and offer Fellowships to advance activities digitally to achieve Psychosocial wellbeing and impact greatly lives of primarily Sub-Saharan Africans with any kind of disfigurement, visible differences, body image issues and non-communicable chronic skin conditions with a very special interest on children. 

It will be a dream come true when we start producing Social Techpreneurs and leadership in this field.