When I have control over my Appearance…

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When I have control over my Appearance…

The weather continued to affect me terribly especially when its hot and sunny, when I exercise, when I get on active no matter what it is I do, the allover affecting solemnly my head/scalp. I doubt if it has ever been this bad with me, no thanks to my solemn sensitive skin which kicks against any clothing that is not pure cotton, synthetic….. The itching comes usually towards end of the year, reduces in Dec and Jan and back in February and stays till the rain starts, I confirmed this early 2016, March to be precise. At this time, the itching became atrocious affecting every part of my body and the hair itching being ferocious. I became somewhat anxious and quickly set out to finding what could be wrong with my body again…..smiles….

At first I thought, could  this be early menopause? The hotness at night became atrocious….hehehehe, I was yet to find anything before I travelled to USA that March and to my surprise everything came back to normal, it got me thinking and there and then I confirmed its got a lot to do with the weather. My instant thought was Ogo, you need to work around this so you be at this side during this period and back to the other side during summer….heheheheh if wishes were horses. I got back to the country and decided to move apartment as I noticed I felt a bit better when am not in there and much better when in an air conditioned room, again I worried about my knee issues that usually gets feeble when in an air conditioned room for long. I told Ogo, we’ve got some adjustment and management decisions to take to get by like we’ve always done.

What am I saying? Whatever that is causing the itching and such discomfort got something to do with weather and environment. In 2017 it started again in November on my return to Lagos after being away for about 6 weeks, what a welcome….hahahhaha. First I had to move house again, seeking a better well ventilated apartment I can afford. I then had to travel urgently to the East as my mother had taken ill, I noticed it reduced somewhat, but come really bad when we left the hospital and I had to engage in so much of the house work, cooking et al…. Believe I was anxious, I would want to go naked every minute so I can get some fresh air into every corner hehehehe…. I didn’t have the clothing that would help a bit as I didn’t plan to stay long. First thought of how to manage my locs crossed my mind as my regular up-do was not helping matters at this time. Sometimes what we see people go through or do is much more than we think or ever imagined.

My management/survival steps…

  • Find friendly clothing
  • Sort out my apartment to a more ventilated one
  • My locs/hair management
  • What am I lacking? Do I need some supplement?

I got on all of it, yet to get more frienfly clothings as labels can be really deceitful, they say 100% cotton and you are scratching and twisting with the first ray of sun on you when you wear them.


My hair journey became the most interesting as I decided to cut it to shoulder length, this I was going to do myself as I didnt need any consultation, advise or anything whatsoever as regards that except ofcourse watching some youtube videos on DIY. On the morning of 29th Dec 2017, I stopped my writing, got my scissors and mirror, somehow instead of going on shoulder length I had planned, I said to myself, maybe that tapered cut will look good on me and that was how I went all the cutting off my babies of 6 years and 8 months all the way and laughing all through while I did that. Mmmmmmm, I felt great and not any different, washing the hair that afternoon before going to the Barbing salon to shape it was fun…

I am doing fairly well at the moment, our weather is hazy right now though it gets hot in-between still,  the itching comes a little every now and then, I’m hopeful with my learnt and learning management to help me greatly as I look forward to February/March weather….

In trying to survive the challenges that has continued to drill me for months, I got on a different hair journey and look, the tapered cut and I am loving it. Variety is indeed spice of life. Let me see if I will go 6 years or more with this or maybe will get back to locs or even a totally different cut eventually. My appearance is mine and I choose what to do with it. When you ask me why I cut my locs even though I owe you no explanation, it can be due ti just anything ranging from hair beauty to a change to just cutting the locs for a fresh start, you may as well take it from here.

Do you have such itching experience? How do you manage naturally? Please share in comments section.

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