Why did it take me this long?

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Why did it take me this long?

….mmmm my question to me is why did it take me this long? But I am really really excited getting my blog back and actually getting to write even few words now… I lost so much, my blog to someone I actually invited to customise it for me, struggled with the millions of virus that followed that, my host server suspended my website/blog as that was going to affect others. And getting to know that I have lost all posts and even if am going to get it back at a fee, that I cannot get it back with all my pictures and texts, I just gave up on that, but didn’t get around to starting it again till almost 2years now.

I also lost my memoir manuscript (most painful) and lots of other texts to my malfunctioned external hard drive, this drove me into feeling that I have failed after working so much to gather the materials. For once, I wondered what people thought, quite unlike me. Being one human who moves on from things very easily, that was just hard to let go, but I eventually did and though it took me a while, I am here today and simply excited…

I don’t know how to feel, I just do not know how to feel, but I am sure most excited. I have learnt to smile trough it all and live up to it instead of wallowing in regret and giving excuses..

Here is Ogo Maduewesi blog back and gratefully coming with vast discussions and so much more. I hope you will journey with me again….

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