About Ogo

Ogo Maduewesi is…

a changemaker and a Social Entrepreneur. A Vitiligo patient leader,  passionate about making a big positive difference in the lives of Sub-Saharan Africans living with non-communicable Skin conditions, Disfiguring Appearances such as Burns, Scars and Body Image issues.  A digital storytelling and edutainment enthusiast.

Ogo is a motivator, inspires self-love and self-acceptance for genuine confidence and inner peace in people who don’t see the light in life especially when their appearance/body image is challenged.

She is an optimist, a believer of positivity and active thinking. Throughout my years of living with Vitiligo, so often have I seen the damage that low self-esteem, negativity, insecurity and anxiety can do to people. That is where I come in, of course. I inspire encourage and build body confidence and Positive Body Image of individuals living with Skin conditions and Body image issues to live happily and confidently (with a special soft spot for women and girls). Uninfluenced by negative thinking, societal demand, societal expectations, fear of the unknown and instead shifting the focus to psycho-social wellness and being grateful for what we have.

My Passion:
Other causes I will love to identify with:
  • Understanding and managing Autoimmune Disorders
  • Living with Arthritis
  • Living above societal pressure, demand and expectations

Feel free to call me a quintessential multitasker….smiles…
I am always on the lookout for active opportunities to further impact, learn, share, educate and teach the cause that I stand for. If you take an interest to what I do, and wish to contact me, please do through any of this medium: email: nenny1406@gmail.com,  Twitter: @ogomaduewesi , Instagram: @OgoMaduewesi , Facebook @OgoMaduewesi