About Ogo

Who is Ogo Maduewesi?

Ogo Maduewesi is a changemaker and a Social Entrepreneur.

I am a Vitiligo patient leader,  Self-love and Self-acceptance, Skin conditions & Appearance-related concerns and digital storytelling enthusiast. I am also a Textile artist (African batik & tie dye).

Ogo is a motivator, people developer. she builds trust and hope, inspire self-love and self-acceptance for genuine confidence and inner peace in people who don’t see the light in life especially when their appearance is challenged. Ogo loves creating with textiles, she believes we can change how handmade textiles is perceived and appreciated locally and internationally thus the passion and love for the journey.

I am an optimist, a believer of positivity and active thinking. Throughout my years of living with Vitiligo, so often have I seen the damage that low self-esteem, negativity, insecurity and anxiety can do to people. That is where I come in, of course. I strive to encourage and build green self-confidence of individuals living with beyond Vitiligo now to Skin conditions and Visible differences, especially women and girls to live happily and confidently. Uninfluenced by negative thinking, societal demand, societal expectations, fear of the unknown and instead shifting the focus to self-acceptance & self-love (positive self-image) and being grateful for what we have.

I am an aspiring writer, writing about self-love & self-acceptance, Positive self-image, Skin conditions and Appearance related concerns, Natural living and reach out to the vulnerable who are worn out by the nuances of society and inspire and motivate them to the possibility of living positively and confidently.

Here is an organisation and enterprises I am involved in…

Feel free to call me a quintessential multitasker….smiles…
I am always on the lookout for active opportunities to further, share, educate and teach the cause that I stand for. If you take an interest to what I do, and wish to contact me, please feel free to contact me at
email: nenny1406@gmail.com

Twitter: @ogomaduewesi

Instagram: @OgoMaduewesi